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Candles Flameless LED Ivory Color with Remote - Set of 3 (4" 5" 6")

In stock

Brand New! Set of 3 LED Flameless Candles

with Remote

~ * 4" candle, 5" candle, 6" candle * ~

LED lights; no live flame, No fire, no smoke and no messy wax spills,
Create a sense of relaxation, Real wax candle with melted edges for a realistic look,
Great during a power outage, Convenient to replace batteries, Can Run 4 to 8 hours
Suitable for anniversary, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, Christmas and More!!

Model Number: GPCT384

Unopened, Everything is Kept in the Original Factory Sealed Box

Features & Specifications


Set the mood with soothing candlelight and create a sense of relaxation. Inviting as they cast dancing shadows across your room, these flameless candles instantly add another layer of soft light to your surroundings. You'll feel safe and secure with the look and feel of real candles, but with none of the worries: No fire, no smoke and no messy wax spills. Romantic with a dreamy glow, this set can reside in places normally not possible ... and best of all, with your remote, you can turn all the candles on and off without ever having to get up. Now that's pretty and practical.

Key Features:

  • LED lights; no live flame, avoid the risk of fire

  • Continuous lighting for a long time, the equivalent of 100 to 300 times the life of ordinary candles

  • Real wax candle with melted edges for a realistic look

  • No smoke, no mess,no wax spills, no danger around kids and pets

  • Great during a power outage

  • Perfect on chandelier, in sconces - even out of reach

  • Use year after year, convenient to replace batteries

  • Suitable for anniversary, marriage proposal, outdoor candlelit banquets, promotional products, hotels, bars, home decoration, church, Christmas
  • Additional Feature:

    • Built-in Timer: Runs 4 or 8 hours, then turns itself off (helps maximize battery life)

    • Multi-Function Universal Remote Control: Works with all the candles at once or separately. Turns them all off or on at the same time, whether it's one or multiple sets. Choose a steady glow or a flickering light with the "Mode" button, Press the 'Multi Color' button and the light will gradually change.

    • Control range: Within 20 "
    • Specifications


      Measurements: Each candle measures approx. 3" diameter
      Material: Real wax, plastic and LEDs
      Batteries: 3 AAA each, not included
      Weight: 868g
      Box Dimension: 10.0" x 6.8" x 3.3"


      This candle is made of real wax and is flammable. Keep it away from any open flame.
      One set of batteries lasts approx. 200 hours with typical use (depending on the quality of the batteries).

      Package Contents

      • 1 x 4"H candle
      • 1 x 5"H candle
      • 1 x 6"H candle
      • 1 x Remote control with installed battery


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