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Dog Water Fountain

Dog Pet Water Fountain Outdoor Steel with 41" Hose, Splitter Included

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Brand NEW!!! Doggie Water Fountain

Fresh Water Whenever Your Dog Wants It; Encourages Drinking;
No Stagnant Water; Made of Heavy-Gauge Steel for Durability and Trouble-Free Operation;
Easily Attaches to Hose or Faucet; 2-Way Hose Splitter Included;
Hose Length: 41"


Model Number: GPCT385

Unopened, Everything is Kept in the Original Factory Packaging

Features & Specifications

The Doggie Fountain provides your dog with constant access to fresh, clean water. Constructed of aluminum, brass, and stainless steel, the Doggie Fountain will not rust and is almost indestructible. The Doggie Fountain features a paddle that is depressed by the dog's paw in order to activate the water flow. With minimal training, the pet can easily be trained to perform this motion. Once the paddle is depressed, the valve is opened and water will flow in an upward motion into the pet's mouth. The Doggie Fountain uses a typical garden hose as a water source. The unit is quickly attached and the flow of water is adjusted at the hose's spigot. No batteries to replace, no electrical cord!

Doggie Fountain ensures that a dog has access to fresh, cold drinking water at all times. Especially helpful during warm summer months, Doggie Fountain will allow the pet to water itself whenever a drink is needed. While a minimal amount of training is needed, Doggie Fountain is easy for the pet to use and it is also easy to install!

  • Made of Heavy-Gauge Steel for Durability and Trouble-Free Operation

    •Easily Attaches to Hose or Faucet

    •2-Way Hose Splitter Included

    •Doggie Fountain Dimensions: 10" D x 9.25" W x 2.75" H

    •Hose Length: 41"

  • CAUTION: Do not position the Doggie Fountain near any electrical cord or outlet.


    1) The Doggie Fountain is easy to set up. Simply push the open end of the braided hose through the hole at the back of the fountain onto the barbed connector at the rear of the valve body. Screw the other end of the hose onto your outdoor faucet or garden hose.

    2) Turn on the faucet part way. You may also wish to use a "Y" obtained from a hardware store to attach the hose to the faucet in order to allow use of the faucet for other purposes.

    3) Remove the air from the hose by depressing the paddle on the Doggie Fountain until only water comes out.

    4) You can adjust the height of the water fountain by using a flathead screwdriver to turn the adjustment screw located behind the spout. Do NOT remove the adjustment screw.

    5) Holes at the corners of the Doggie Fountain can be used to stake the unit to the ground.

    6) Water standing in the hose can be heated by the sun. Try to locate the Doggie Fountain in a shaded area.

    7) Be sure to disconnect during frigid or winter weather. Freezing will occur and cause possible damage to fountain and or pipes.

    Package Contents

  • 1x Doggie Water Fountain
    • 2-Way Hose Splitter
    • 41" Hose
    • User's Manual
    • 1 Year Warranty

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