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*4GB Built-in* HD Spy Camera Camcoder Wireless Hidden DVR Mini Spy Pen Silver

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Mini HDC DVR Video Pen with 4GB built-in memory Silver
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This is not an ordinary pen.
Yeah it’s not only used for writing but it also has a built-in DVR (Digital Video Recorder) with HD camera which can be used to capture / produce high resolution photos and video with sound. It’s indeed a cool spy gadget which is great for monitoring and capturing any situation or for just having some fun. You can make videos or record voices without being noticed by the others, for example: stealth surveillance, listening to a speech, record presentations and more.

With the Spy Pen gone are the days when cool gadgets are only seen in the movies, with the likes of James Bond using them. As people are investing more and putting more value on their properties and safety and as advances in technology meet these needs, gadgets that are previously associated for the use of spies only are now made available to practically anyone. Business owners or homeowners alike can have their choice of spy cameras and other surveillance equipment to be set up in their homes or businesses. These serve mainly for protection; to monitor possible intruders, to prevent damage and loss of property, and to keep track of employees or of the kids.

Spy cameras have such great and varied uses that a lot of individuals are also getting one for their personal use outside of the home or business.One of these useful tools for the individual that is available in the market is the Spy Pen High Resolution. The latest version dates back from 2009 and has all the essential features you need in a spy camcorder built in its pen-sized frame. With its small size and lightweight body, the Spy Pen can be taken almost anywhere and be used to record bits and snippets of conversations and events that you want to have a file of without the other participants knowing what you are up to.

It is good for important meetings where evidence is highly needed or for pure simple fun. Staying true to its capability to be brought anywhere, this spy video camera easily attaches to any computer via the USB port with no need for any external drive so you can view immediately what you have taken. This convenience is very crucial when you are on the go, because simply having a laptop with you enables you to view the contents of the pen. Recording is hassle-free with no wires to be dealt with and with only a push of a button. This is good for stopping and continuing your recording at any chosen interval. The microphones and video lens are also placed discreetly on the pen, so there is little risk of you being discovered while you’re recording.

As hidden as they are though, the lens captures and produces high resolution color video that is immediately stored in the pen's 4GB of memory. It is enough to store 4 hours of footage. Quite handy for on-road altercations and accidents, where evidence is pretty vital once you come to a dispute with the other party, the Spy Pen can be turned on to record the scene of the accident without putting your life at immediate risk. For moments though when there is nothing spectacular going on that will merit its use, this affordable pen can still have its use as a normal and fully functional ballpoint pen when one isn’t within reach. That’s not such a bad deal, right? So keep the Spy Pen in your pocket at all times and benefit greatly from its basic and special functions.

Plus a high sensitive microphone that capable of recording clear voice within 15 square meters area.

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★ Auction for Silver 4GB Built-in Spy Camera

- 100% Brand New!
- The smallest mini DVR in the world which conceals in the pen.
- The first mini pen DVR with the function of both photo and video.
- The high fidelity microphone can record the sound around 15 square meters.
- The clear video capture ability can help the police and court to get evidence.
- The fancy aspect, smooth pen writing function, exchangeable standard lead is all durable and environmental.
- Suitable for any computer and electronic device with USB port.

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  • Built-in micro DVR
  • HD camera effects
  • 3 megapixels camera
  • High sensitive microphone, cover 15 square meters
  • Produce high res color photo, 1280x1024 resolution of JPG format
  • Video recording with sound, with 640x480video resolution and 30 FPS of AVI format
  • USB 2.0 standard interface, just plug in to any computer USB port
  • Driver support for Windows PCs, Linux and Mac OS computers
  • Up to 4GB built-in memory is capable with 2 hours of video recording
  • Replaceable standard cartridge (ballpoint pen)
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery; performance: 100 minutes recording, 6+ hours of photograph

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spy pen Amazing Video Quality - An amazing 640 x 480 video quality.

spy pen Perfect Audio - High performance microphone!

spy pen Durable - Built-in memory and solid fracture puls delicate craft make this pen more reliable

spy pen Easy Format - Records in AVI format which can be easily edited/uploaded.

spy pen Photographs - Can also be used to take photographs.

spy pen USB Connectivity - Just plug into your PC/MAC to download the video footage

spy pen No Battery Required - Charges via the USB or the connector cable supplied. When full charged, the battery gives up to 100 MINUTES recording time!

tick Very Discrete - Looks just like a normal pen - no suspicions will be arisen with this - unlike many of the suspiciously 'chunky' looking spy pens we've seen, ours looks just like a high quality pen that you would actually use. Either have it in your top pocket, or leave it laying on a table or shelf and this won't look out of place.

tick It Actually Writes! - What further proof do you need? Our Ultimate Spy Pen can actually be used to write with.

tick Very Easy To Use - Just press the top to start/stop recording.

tick Everything Supplied - Comes complete with cable required and full instructions.


* Spy Pen Silver x1* USB Cable x1
* CD Disk x1


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